The Cosmos Reconsidered
                                             by Floyd E. Baker

                                                                (Updated November 2016)


From the Author:

Through most of life I have had an active interest in the cosmos.  I’ve read, watched, listened, and learned.   Fascinated by what the cosmos seems to be and accepting the paradoxes it presented as unsolvable.  Believing as I did that they were the magic of the cosmos and not meant to be understood by mortal man.  

But what we're being told today goes way beyond my ability to believe and/or accept.    It is now at the point where TV programs on the Cosmos disgust me.   And it’s geting worse according to every magazine or news article I read.    I can not believe what we are being told.  Bizarre and ludicrous thoughts, projections, and ideas built on the nonsense of time existing and controlling the cosmos.  With an already existing certainty that time does not exist it was total fantasy and I was driven to find  answers that made sense. 

And they were there.    Everything became crystal and scientifically clear once ‘t’ was taken out of the equations.

Unfortunately everyone I’ve talked to in the science community was already locked into the idea of time actually existing.    None of them willing (or able) to consider anything but mainstream thinking.  For various very understandable reasons I’m sure.   Money.   It’s lock step, go with the flow, or you’re out.    Not to mention that people don’t want to admit they've spent many years of their lives believing the wrong thing.   So no one in any position in science has listened or heard me out with any idea other than to try putting down the logic of any part of it.    They haven't been offering alternate concrete proofs against what isw here in the book now.., but simply claim current thought says it's not that way.     Sad to say but true.   That is not science.

So we wrote this book in the hope it finds others with more open minds, credentials, testing ability, and scientific knowledge than I.   Those who would enjoy trying to prove where I'm wrong.     Other than circumstantial evidence of course.  I truly would like to know where we are wrong in any or all areas of the book.   I’m sure we are off in some terminology, or wording that may be misconstrued.      But so far in the past four years no one has come forth...   I am on Quora and you can reach me at thebook @ thecosmosreconsidered . com  if you wish to use it. 

So until that happens this book stands.   It presents a logical and scientifically *proven view of the cosmos that answers all situations in a very concise, comprehensive, and logical manner.  With all aspects and factors totally interlocked.   There being NO loose ends...   

*Proven in the sense that science is aware certain things happen but it has not followed through fully on the reasons behind the results of these happenings.   Such as ‘irregular’ electron orbits  around atoms.   Why else is that happening other than my reasoning..?     Please tell me.  

This book gives reasons and results that are scientifically valid in their own right.  Even though science thinks it only works their way.   Because when science's findings are compared with those of the book they're pretty much the same.   Except this book leaves no paradoxes... 

The book’s findings lack all of the paradoxes that come with Einstein’s time based thinking.    The book explains the workings of the cosmos with clear and concise language, facts and figures, which can not be done with Einstein’s.

My background is in electronics and communications for most of my life.  I received an FCC 2nd class Commercial License in 1965 and a 1st class (Commercial TV/Radio broadcast specific) in 1975.   My science and electronics interests began around age of 12 when I started building commercial and short wave receivers from scratch.  And several years later transmitters too as an amateur radio operator with the call WA2CIA.   No connection I hasten to say.  :)

My overall experience includes basically every type of communication system,  used in the past 60 years.   From a single strand copper wire carrying Morse with  separate information going in both directions at once, cable,  most  radio frequencies and systems (AM, FM, SSB, TV, etc.) over microwave, glass, satellite to earth station, and the Internet. 

Beyond that I’ve had photography as a hobby and sideline business for 50+ years.  I understand the visible spectrum a little more than the average bear...   Along with its many characteristics and ‘aberrations’..

And I  have life long experience with common sense and logic.   I am Aspie...    As was Einstein...  Albeit a few quotient points lower...  :/   But which I make up for now by knowing what he did not know then, over 100 years ago.

I hope you will read further on what Einstein missed... 

Thank you for the interest and I hope you enjoy the book... 

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