The Cosmos Reconsidered
                                             by Floyd E. Baker

                                                                  (Updated November 2016)

                                                                            CHAPTER  1

          The Cosmos Reconsidered book contains the Theory of Everything. 

It is simply a particular arrangement of known and proven facts, with common logic tying them together in a way that explains and predicts it all.   Everything.!

So I think that’s what they call a Theory of Everything.. :)

It contains and uses scientific facts, observations, and of course Occam's Razor answers to most if not all ‘unknowns’ that exist in today's mainstream thinking.   Give us more or them and we will answer them too.  All based on well tested physics.  

Minus Time of course, which is not physics.

Our ultimate fait accompli being what I am told is Nobel Prize material.   Based on known science, we have a very detailed description of light.     And with it, how it works with Relativity.  With no paradoxes or loose ends.  See the Chapter on Light.

This book ignores the concept of time in the cosmos.., the imagined part of Einstein's view of the cosmos.   The part of the current model that cannot be proven and really isn't necessary anyway.   We see Einstein's ‘time’ as a close analogy but not the real deal.    To put it plain and simply, it is just screwing everything up.   The initial purpose of this book was to replace time with it's physical reality and we have done that.  And then to my pleasant surprise everything else opened up and took off on its own.   The paradoxes were gone!   They were only a lack of understanding reality.

It all boils down to  just four very well established facts regarding the atom.  Facts that when seen as a whole fully explain in logical and reasonable ways everything that happens in the cosmos that we apply them to.  Causality in a nutshell...



These are all more or less mysteries to science.  But these ‘well known’ facts actually do fit together or disappear entirerly, as we present them here.  There are no mysteries...  We're sure most if not all accepted results were obtained using scientific and logical means.  But because the concept of time skews everything, none of it  really ties fully together.   Except through the use of 'special rules' made up to account for the problem areas.

We have eliminated or replaced these special rules with known reality.

It being that...:

1. Gravity originates in the atom..

2. An atom's mass and gravity goes up or down depending on its velocity through the cosmos.   

3. An atom's internal physical operating speed or *rate of aging*, is inversely proportional to it's velocity through the cosmos.  That is the conservation of energy.  That is also the reason for Relativity

4. Electrons travel further in longer orbits as they lag further and further from the nucleus with its increasing speed.  Which causes the nucleus to become more positiv to keep a stronger hold on the more distant electrons.  Many people believe this is simply 'polarization' which has no net effect.   And it may in fact be to some exent.., but we will explain more in the Chapter on the Atom with scientifically known fact that it can and does become more positive.

In this book we try to keep it simple, accepting what is seen, known, and proven, without projecting imagined ideas into the outcome.    We let the findings of science guide us instead.   And they have.   Because at this point what science has been able to measure and know is telling us enough that we've gotten much closer to the truth than possible 100 years ago.   Keeping Occam's Razor in mind at all times.  

And for the record, Occams’s razor is the ultimate rule for finding the truth.  By choosing the simplest workable explanation for whatever is to be understood

The cosmos consists of atoms and the parts to build more atoms.  That's pretty much it.  Except that faster moving ones age and perceive slower than slower moving ones, which is Relativity.  Again, the conservation of energy.  There is no faith based time in the cosmos.   Just the four points we have listed above. 

That is our one and only correction to the current model.  But with that change there are many perception changes and recalculations that need to be made.   They're just rocks out there you know..?  Einstein was wrong.  We need to start over.

Our contention and what we will show is that atoms are simply moving about, and they will continue to move about, accumulate, and disburse in their respective ways.  The cosmos does not have a schedule to keep nor does it require time as we use it here on earth.   Nor does it bend or fold as suggested in some rather simple minded science based TV shows.    Everything simply moves as guided by the cosmos GPS...  The Gravity Positioning System.   There are no folds or 'worm holes' to take us from the Milky Way to Andromeda in a flash.  Using bad posits such as ‘t’ in the formulas is what brings on those ideas.    A lot of atoms have simply come together using gravity to form suns, planets, and us...   But it was all accidental.   They never needed a ‘time’ to schedule their meetings.  

So here is our explanation of what is real, in plain everyday English.  Everything that follows is to the best of my knowledge proven, very logical and/or accepted reality.  But leaving out imagined ‘time’ which Einstein put into the cosmos.   

I don't use suppositions..   I only ask that you cut some slack with the ‘terminology’ or my way of looking at something that is otherwise believed to happen another way, as long as my way still works just as well...   If you don’t think it does, please let me know.

Explain why or how what I am saying cannot be.  Please don't just overrule my thinking with yours.   All this said with the idea that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  As in 2+2=4, 3+1=4, with mine being 4+0=4.  Aka, Occam's razor...

There are no exotic theories or otherwise of my own.

Everything is already proven.., to the best of my knowledge.

Going with my arrangement of facts..

The cosmos does not run according on time, nor does it use space-time.

It runs on something else...


Atoms, and therefore everything they comprise in the cosmos has a particular velocity at any instant..   It is always changing as the earth goes careening through the cosmos.  Around its asix, around the sun, around the galaxy.    And so each atom runs at their own internal speeds, or rate of aging, depending on its indivitual velocity.  They have their own particular but  constantly changing inertial frames of reference.   These are constantly and fluidly analog changes to everything moving at any particular speed including our testing and measuring devices and ourselves, our aging, perception, contraction etc. 

Single atoms and groups traveling together form more or less common inertial frames of reference, which relates directly to their particular physical rate of aging.     Every atom in a group produces its own gravity but the group takes on the average as measured from the center out because they are all moving at basically the same velocity.    Atoms that comprise objects in a particular inertial frame take longer to do their thing at one velocity than they do at a slower velocity.  This is all still Einstein btw.  Simply minus time where he thought it was needed..  It wasn’t.  Time’s imagined role of stretching time has always been carried out by an atoms speed alone, which is the true and direct causative agent...  And gravity is a byproduct of an atom’s speed.   And that speed induced gravity is what what causes contraction.

Conditions and speeds change continuously throughout the cosmos so an atom's rate of aging constantly changes too.  These conditions and speeds are governed by the balancing of the  gravitational soup of the cosmos, moment by moment, as atoms travel through it.   The gravity they continuously create themselves by their velocity, is constantly trying to balance with the attraction from other atoms and in total, the cosmos all around them.   It’s all one big balancing act...  Every ATOM is always at the center of its own universe.   There is more on this in the Shell Theorem..

And applying that fact changes every unknown to simplicity itself.

The velocity of atoms through the cosmos controls their individual internal operating speeds.  Causng atoms to live faster with shorter lives or slower and longer lives than others.   But neither know any difference.  The difference is only seen by the outside observer.  

There is physical relativity.  

There is no space-time...

Atoms can run faster or slower.  Time does not compress nor stretch.

Read on for the particulars...

And thank you for your interest...

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