The Cosmos Reconsidered
                                             by Floyd E. Baker

                                                               (Updated March 2020)


Do you believe you're a hologram projection from a black hole..?

Do you believe you can slip through a worm hole to Andromeda in a nano-second?

Do you believe you are doing slightly different things in a billion  other universes..?

Don't worry.  You're not alone.  Most don't believe that stuff either.  Some of it is hard to even imagine.  But the math says they're possible.  These and other weird ideas are called 'theoretically possible'.  But of course they're not.  It's just flawed math running wild, not understanding things like infinity, and using bad posits like Einstein’s time that's supposed to stretching and folding all over the universe.

The real point of this book is to show that time and space-time do not exist.  I would prove it but one cannot prove a negative.  That Einstein was wrong.  But he was. 

Because we do have the exact replacement for time and so Einstein's ideas are useless.   Reality has been there all the time.  The true physical means and not an analogy.  And it all works.  No matter how it's considered, tested, or beat on.    

The big problem here is that humans are after all just human.  :)  They only know what they want to know, and often disregard what they can't comprehend.  If it's too low to measure it doesn't exist.  If they can't see it,  it doesn't exist.  If they can't explain it they make an exception, a rule, or cosmological constant to cover it.   Like ‘time’...   This is what cosmologists do, because for the most part they're human too.

We have earthbound points of view.  We evolved senses needed to survive on this planet.  There was no need to know of things beyond this little speck within the entire universe.   Those of no concern or threat to our daily survival.  Things we are only now starting to suspect or become aware of in various ways.  But even that awareness is suspect.  It seems we're seeing things that aren't really there.  With measurements and such being taken and made with our earth bound instruments and interpreted with our earth bound ideas, our Lorentz sized rubber rulers, and vivid imaginations.   Iow, everything is seen from within our own particular inertial frame.  Earth is not the benchmark of the cosmos.  We are NOT the outside observer.

You who are reading this are not a hologram projection from a black hole.  There is no time travel because there is no time.  Neither are there multiple dimensions nor other spin off sci-fi story lines from thinking time exists. 

We have removed time...  The one thing that is totally imagined and faith based, but which most cosmologists want or need to believe is real.  Time…  A non scientific concept, made up to cover the link to relativity Einstein could not find.  It is not science at all.  The very reason his idea still has so many questions and inconsistencies.  Time is not provable.  And similar to many such faith based beliefs, we now see it becoming a religion in the scientific world with Einstein as its God.  Faith may have its place but in science it does not.   One cannot see it, measure it, touch it, or smell it.  Nothing…  It is just not there.  Time is simply a close but totally imagined analogy to what is truly happening.  

It’s all spelled out in the chapter on Time.

The book is to explain what does make everything work.  Up until now, it's been a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.  But science has learned a lot in the past 100 plus years since Einstein put his analogy into the cosmos.  What follows is what I've read, studied, understand, and *re-considered* of that new knowledge for at least the past 60 of those 100+  years. 

There is no math or other ‘proofs’ actually laid out in this book that I'm told are needed for new thoughts to be accepted.  Mine are simply thought experiments as done by Einstein too.   He was not good at high end math.  Algebra is tough for Aspies.   Something to do with our wiring and thinking in pictures.  But no fear...  Just about everything I say here has already been said, done, and proven by others elsewhere.  We do not need to reinvent the wheel.  I'm simply using their established results and findings.   And we will, albeit slowly, add links to online sites that provide the proofs to what we state here

Even if we did bother to add the math, etc. and play the game, the other requirement for recognition is to be one of the particular *professional* physicist, cosmologist, researcher, instructor, etc., before anything written would ever be looked at.   Mainstream's insurance policy for survival.  My response to that is Freud did not go to college to become a psychiatrist.  Some people can make sense of things on their own.

Peer Review should be abolished.  It is censorship.  There is no reason for any group, however organized or seen, to have the power to prevent new ideas from being heard.  Bad ideas will fail on their own.  The mockery and ostracizing that takes place with ideas that can undo mainstream's thinking  is holding us back.   Two hundreds years and counting now, just by hanging on to totally debunked Einstein's time.  Totally wacko stuff is easily seen and ignored.  Most of us are able to think for ourselves. 

In any event this book was meant to be small, easily read and understood in a night or two.  To simply point out certain known facts of physics that as a whole will bring about a clear and simple explanation for *any* cosmological situation or scenario that one applies them too.., if one only takes the time to think it through and do that.   

I'm told there ARE ways and means for one like myself to be heard...  But it’s simply to be argumentative while offering no information on where these avenues may be.   So we now have this book.  Peer Review will soon lose its hold.  The Internet is here.

Knowing the current model is full of holes we looked for a better answer.  As we researched, we realized that much of what is already known is not taken seriously, not seen fully, or simply not being interpreted correctly.., because of one's belief in time.  Please understand we are not arguing many of science's findings otherwise.   We're simply putting them into a better perspective.

Staying within the established guide lines of known science we have looked beyond our earthbound limits to be sure our conclusions and statements apply equally here on earth and to the entire cosmos as well.

Many misinterpretations are being made by others because of these earth-bound points of view.  Our human frame of mind.  Our place in the cosmos relatively speaking...  Our not so very finely tuned senses, imagination, and mentalities, evolved to only know sights, sounds, and smells for our survival here on earth, in our one of an infinite number of inertial frames. 

We did not need to know of Aether and such.  We never evolved a need to know an atom at the tip of our finger can be affected an atom in another galaxy.  But it seems the cosmos does.  And I can imagine it because math and reason both say division by zero is impossible.  And so likewise how can you ever reach zero gravity by continually dividing it’s strength by two or four or any other number for that matter.  And that’s not counting the exponential increase in the number of atoms with distance that combine to make up for their strength loss..   The Shell Theorem.

So we will progress through the following chapters and thought as though they are absolute proven fact.  But not continuously explaining that they are in fact absolute proven fact.   :)

I play on words here in the same way science has played on the cosmos itself.  Einstein said gravity slows time and that time slows reality.  And that in turn creates relativity.  So the results of everything measured and tested for over a hundred years now has been made to fit the idea that time is really a factor.

BUT.., the many time based puzzles, paradoxes, and problems disappeared when we removed the non-provable concept of time and accepted that *any* velocity, increasing, decreasing, or constant which never happens.., is what slows physical reality.  That is all described in the Chapter on the Atom   That relativity is a physical phenomenon.  Not an abstraction.  When we did so we found that everything fell into place by itself.  Way more than I had ever expected...  We seem to have hit on the answer to everything.   I know, that’s a big claim.  But read for yourself.  I think you will agree it all makes sense.
So why, when science finds things like multiple universes, worm holes, time travel, and that we are projections from a black hole, being extrapolated from the current idea of time.., ideas that most don't believe at all.., why is it they still do believe what the rest of that very same erred theory puts forth.  How can they continue to believe only the parts they like and want to believe, and ignore the rest...?

I ask you...  

Read on...  The best is yet to come...

And thank you for your interest...

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