The Cosmos Reconsidered
                                             by Floyd E. Baker

                                                                            CHAPTER  10

Time seems only a straw that Einstein grasped.  Because it does not exist.   

Time as imagined is a very close analogy to what is truly happening.  That which *is* scientific fact.  Unfortunately the math that is claimed to validate time actually produces nothing more than hallucinations.  Bizarre, extreme, and even mystical claims.   The math is skewed by using  the analogy of  time instead of reality.

So I hope to convince you that time does not exist.., because it does not exist and you should know that..!

We do not consider it a causative factor for anything that happens in the cosmos.  In other words, in this book we disregard any so called fabric, graph, calculation, or measurement that has ever been made that uses time as a factor.

And voila, when that was done everything came together like a hand in a glove.  No paradoxes, no loose ends, no unexplained phenomenon.  It all becomes totally clear, once one dumps the concept of time and replaces it with what is truly going on. 

Time does not slow down nor speed up, but individual atoms do precisely that instead.  Their operating speed, or 'rate of aging' changes inversely proportional to their velocities through the cosmos.  The higher their velocity, the slower they run, operate, or 'age'.  It is the well known ‘conservation of energy’.

So, with people not understanding the above, the existence of time has been discussed and debated for thousands of years.  Then Einstein came along over one hundred years ago and decided it was real, and tangible, and he put it in the cosmos...   And we’ve been living with the fall out for over 100 years.  :/

Not to take anything away from him, because he was of course a genius and he did more with what was known at the time than anyone else could have.  But adding ‘time’ to the cosmos was a *big* mistake.  Time is an analogy, plain and simple.  It is a very close analogy...  Close enough that everyone bought it and is staying with it, and making everything they learn fit that concept.    But the truth is that time is completely faith based.  You can't see it, touch it, or smell it.., nothing.  It is not there.  It simply appears to be there.

We have a sense of time, in two ways.  The first is that we on earth have a society that needs to work together.   The earth turns on its axis and so, using our imagination and sun dials at first and other means since, we wanted to keep track of where that earth was in its rotation at any particular instant to be able to do things together.   So we built clocks to tell us.

Einstein may have been enamored with clocks because he worked at the Bern Switzerland patent office when they were bringing clocks in on perhaps a weekly basis.., each one claiming to be operating more accurately, to record or indicate where the earth was at that point.  So time may have seen much more real to Einstein for that reason.  But they are of course only a means for telling us when to get to work, when to sit down to dinner, and all the other reasons we need to sync ourselves with others.

The other way is in our minds.., our memory.  We record our experiences in it, sequentially as they happen.    We can go back years and years to recall what has happened in our personal past.  It’s the same as taking a photo of everything and looking back on them.    It’s all there in our biological memory, most of it at least.   Sometimes data is lost or corrupted.  But it is not ‘time’ in any case.  It is simply a personal record of what we've done and what we've learned in our lives.  Another sense we have evolved as humans for survival.., and I'm sure all other living organisms have a similar sense too.  We have a memory.   We learn.  It is a survival mechanism in our heads.  We saw what happened to Fred when he tried to fly like a bird off that cliff.  Now we know not to do that, eh?   :)

We know we got up this morning, we know we did a lot of things in sequence, we learned as we went.  Maybe more some times than others.   But it is just and only that.., a memory.  Like a computer with a hard drive that records data that can be recalled, played back, researched, whatever.  But it isn't time making it happen. You have your memories, what has happened to you in the past.., a sense of who you are now, and where you are physically in the world you know.  What is around you in particular and from your place in space, so you can find the light switch in the dark and your way to and from the store, and everywhere else you've been.  You've lived your life and learned everything you know.  It's all in your mind.  You are conscious.  You have your consciousness and I have my mine.  They are not interchangeable.  There is no connection and the cosmos does not need either.

We wouldn't be here if we didn't have a memory, but it is not time.  It may seem and feel like time is passing, but it is an illusion.

So this book rejects any and all reference to the non-provable, faith based, and imagined concept of time.  We exclude all circumstantial evidence, all so called supportive math, and all other reasons people believe that time is a tangible entity, force, or anything else to do with reality.

Here we give you what is real... 

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