The Cosmos Reconsidered
                                             by Floyd E. Baker

tarting a collection of logic and reason

 regarding the Earth in general.


Not necessarily CO-2 buildup.

There is much to say it is the salinity of the oceans.

We'll start at the beginning, before the last great Ice Age that was said to have ended 13,000 years ago.

In the era there were continents and oceans and the weather as Mother Nature intended.  No man made interference iow. There were cycles and seasons as the sun went round the sun, more or less as it does still.  Water was evaporated from the seas of the world, minus the salt, and returned as rain.  On the continents it formed rivers and ran back into the sea.  Everything was a constant reoccurring cycle.

Then for some unknown reason the Ice Age started.  We do have to start this somewhere you know. And it starting is another subject anyway.    Or maybe just a point of continuing cycles.   ?

So as the cold increased and the rain turned to snow that did not melt., it packed down into ice and glaciers that eventually ended up being miles thick.  The buildup continued moving south here in the U.S. digging out the Great Lakes and others.  It pushed gigantic house sized boulders down to the latitude of the Carolinas.  And the more the ice mass grew the more fresh water was kept on the continents to not make it back to the seas. 

So sea levels lowered to what appears to be even below the edges of the continental shelves.   There are river beds that extend to these edges that we can see underwater today

And the seas became much saltier... Their density increased, the ocean currents were redirected, and eventually it built up heat.

As the seas became warmer they start melting the built up ice.  All along the coastlines that were in the grip of the Ice Age around the globe.   As warming progressed the fresh water melting from the huge ice buildups started running to the much lowered sea level.  It carved those underwater river channels that we can see today that run out beyond our current coastlines to the edge of the continental shelves.  As the ice melted the sea levels rose and the salinity dropped.  The heating of the seas slowed and eventually the climate in general got us ***almost*** back to normal 13,000 years ago.

But that's not where it ends...

Now we have the Great Lakes that had been dug out by the ice and they're holding back 21 percent of the world's fresh water, along with many other lakes scraped out up through Canada.  That's where the almost comes in.  It never did get back to pre ice-age ‘nice’ normal.  There was still a lot of fresh water being held back in these new dug out areas.  So it never got totally back up to those pre iceage temperatures.  And over the past 13,000 years we've just gotten used to a slightly colder climate.

And now.., for the past 100 years or more, the world has been been building dams to hold back so much more fresh water.  The Army Corp of Engineers have built hundreds of dams in the country.  They own and control over 600 at the present time.  Long canyons full of what was the rain that was meant to be returned to the sea.  China has recently built the Three Gorges dam.  I believe it's the largest dam in the world now... Not to mention what they've done in other parts of the world.  Aswan and all the other large and major dams that have been built. 

There are 57,000 large dams, higher thatn a four story building and there are more than 300 major dams that are over 50 stories high. 

There were more than 3700 dams planned or under construction as of 2014.  That could be blocking 20 percent of free flowing river water by 20 percent by now..  They consume a land area of 400,000 sq kilometers, the size of California and the volume of water held back is 10,000 cubic kilometers.  Five times the volume of all river water.

So with all of them holding back tremendous amounts of fresh water from the sea again.., this happening over the last 100 years., the seas are becoming saltier and denser again.  Ocean currents are changing and the seas are warming up accordingly

I just watched a 40 video from Reuters of the calving of a Greenland Glacier where a piece the size of lower Manhattan broke off.  So Mother Nature may be trying to fix the problem by diluting the oceans with fresh water from the Antarctica and Greenland Ice Caps.   And I’ve read too that in the last 40 years there has been a significant increase of ocean salinity within the topics while the poles are less salty.  It looks like melting those north and south ice fields is sort of working.  We may be warming up from what we’ve gotten used to over the last few thousand years but now in exchange for all the dam building, Mother Nature is trying to keep us from cooking.

If that's it, it is not likely to continue past the ‘nice’ normal point of pre Ice Age... And I guess we ‘sort of’ need the dams.., so we’ll have to adapt as we go.  I hope.  :)

(((((  To hopefully be worked on in the near future. )))))


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