The Cosmos Reconsidered
                                             by Floyd E. Baker


                           HaHa...  Fooled you.  There is no Quantum.

Sorry everyone, but it seems that Albert, Max, Neil, Paul, Erwin, and the other Max were all apparently feeding on each other.  No one thinking for themselves, independently...  They all apparently were supported by each other and supporting each other in return.   They were all basically school mates.   So now we have the famous “Hang one you have to hang them all” idea.     Like they can’t all be wrong. 

But they were.

Their thoughts became inbred to produce the common thread that came with them  working together.  It’s a cop out.   It allowed them to become well known without having to think.  Nor needing to explain everything as it actually is.

I mean now I know a lot has been done since to support what they came up with in the realm of Quatum.   But it’s all pretty much meaningless.   The made up photons and other digital parts of the analog universe that's supposed to ‘prove’ Quantum is a laugh.   No matter how somber and serious those who talk today about their accomplishments and how unbelievably grand these people are made to look. 
Quantum is a digital copy of the analog universe and there are no quantum anythings. 

Here are the proven physics that tie it all together in a completely proven analog way.   There is no magic.  No Duality.  Nothing that doesn't know what it is until you look at it.  Or things that hide when you do look at them.  There is none of that.  

Here is how light works in the analog universe.  Light
Including the Twin Slit and it explains the constant ‘c’ too.

Here is how Gravity works in the analog universe. Gravity.
Gravity aka Aether, aka EM attraction described in detail.

Here is what Relativity IS in the analog universe. 

Here is what Time is NOT in the analog universe. 

So find me problems with what I put forth.  Please don’t bring up anyone one of the school chums who says it’s done there way.  Tell me with Occam’s facts on why my way cannot work as described.

I’ll welcome learning of any errors in this book... 

Thank you for reading.